British Veterans 3km Indoor Championships, Lee Valley 9th Mar 14
There was an unfortunate clash of events on Sunday as the National RWA 10 miles was fixed on the same day as the National Veterans Indoor championships although arrangements were made to take part in both events with the latter race starting before 10am and the locations not too far apart. The relatively slow decline in performance with age means several of the strong club team competitors are prominent in the middle reaches of the Veteran scene. Three of the Surrey Walking Club members thus reappeared in the afternoon with Roger Michell much the most prominent. Although third in the extremely competitive M65 group for the 3km his time was good with no suggestion that he was holding back for the afternoon. Once again it was the Martins that provided the best SWC performances with both achieving best times and both showing the same improvement over recent races. The performance of the event was a world M65 record from Steyning’s Ian Richards in 2nd overall. Sandra Campbell also had a successful race as she improves in this new event for her. Peter Hannell’s Gold medal resulted from a shortage of M70’s although the time showed some improvement.

1. F.Reis (Ilf 1st M50) 14 min 13.39 sec; 2. I.Richards (Steyn 1st M65) 14 min 29.6 sec (World Rec);3. J.Hall (Belg 2nd M65) 15 min 33.33 sec; 4. M.Martin (Sy WC 1st M55) 15 min 47.55 sec; 6. R.Michell (Sy WC 3rd M65) 16 min 35.17 sec; 8. P.Hannell (Sy WC 1st M70) 18 min 9.46 sec.

1. N.Blatchford (Abing W65) 18 min 14.9 sec; 2. A.Martin (Sy WC 1st W45) 18 min 33.29 sec;3. C.Duhig (Ryst W55) 18 min 57.16 sec; 6. S.Campbell (Sy WC 2nd W45) 21 min 56.71 sec.

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