Southern Area Track & Field Championships 3/5 km, Ashford 15th Aug 15
In the important Track and Field calendar, part of the Southern Counties Championship, the walk had only 13 entries across all age groups with only four Senior Men of whom two were disqualified. Shaun Lightman had a good race comfortably keeping to his 30 minute schedule but cautiously slowing in the last 2km when isolated to avoid risking censure from the judges. He won the senior Gold medal. The best feature of the races was that the 9 younger age groups starters were generally in good form and near their bests. Callum Wilkinson of Enfield, the overall winner having lapped the field, achieved an Under 20 Championship record and represents a brighter future for the sport. Also promising was Oli Hopkins, Lewes AC, who is coached by SWC’s Peter Selby. He was just outside of his pb as 2nd Under 17. Most of the youngsters inevitably reached the podium for their age-group and there was a great atmosphere among the party as they collected their medals.

1. C.Snook (AFD 1st U17B) 13 min 30.9 sec; 2. E.Butcher (Camb H 1st U15G) 16 min 45.2 sec; 3. O.Hopkins (Lewes 2nd U17B) 17 min 21.8 sec.
1. C.Wilkinson (E&H 1st U20 M) 21 min 10.6 sec; 2. T.Snook (AFD 2nd U20 M) 24 min 31.8 sec; 3. P.Cummings (AFD 1st Senior/W35) 29 min 0.1 sec; 4. S.Lightman (Sy WC 1st Senior/M70) 31 min 16.5 sec.

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