National 20km, Hillingdon Cycle Track 18th Apr 15
The 2015 National 20km Championships had competitors from many parts of England, Wales and the Isle of Man although not in great depth. The meeting covered not only the Senior 20km but shorter distances for the younger age groups down to the Under 13 2km. Surrey Walking Club had only four starters of whom one was disqualified but the Club still managed a bronze team medal and silver for the Southern Area incorporated race for the men and individual bronze for Angela Martin in the Southern Women’s race. Standards were generally high although times were held back by a strong wind especially during the full 20km. For SWC, Angela walked strongly to achieve a personal best and was well in front of Peter Hannell up to the time the latter was removed from the race. Shaun Lightman and Chris Flint both struggled towards the end with Shaun taking it easy until half-way then accelerating to pass Chris and several others in the second 10km. His effort was probably too great for his current state of fitness but demonstrated his fighting spirit. Besides Angela’s great time and in spite of the slightly distressed state of the men at the finish all three were well above recent form. The winner was Tom Bosworth, the current UK 10km record holder, who all were very pleased to see walking although he was using the event for training and at least 8 minutes below his potential was still some 10 minutes ahead of the silver medalist. Click here for photographs from the race

1. T.Bosworth (Ton M) 1 hr 29 min 16 sec; 2. D.King (Col H M) 1 hr 39 min 26 sec; 3. R.Gerrard (IOM Vet M40) 1 hr 47 min 31 sec; 13. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 2 hr 16 min 45 sec; 16. C.Flint (Sy WC M70) 2 hr 19 min 33 sec. 

1. H.Lewis (P'broke U23W) 1 hr 43 min 36 sec; 2. E.Achurch (Leic WC U20W) 1 hr 45 min 29 sec; 3. B.Davies (Card U23W) 1 hr 47 min 29 sec; 9. A.Martin (Sy WC W50) 2 hr 20 min 42 sec.

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