Dutch 100 miles, Weert 23rd -24th May 15
Last week-end saw a major event for the many Dutch ultra- distance walkers. They were joined by a small band of British competitors. There were several events and all hard going but two of the Surrey Walking Club names made it to the results sheets. Chris Flint at M70 unsurprisingly did not complete the full 100 mile but just over 90 miles is quite an achievement. Meanwhile at the shorter 50km but the longest Olympic event saw David Hoben holding on for a time only just over 7 hours.

24 hour event:
1. Frans Leijtens (RWV Ned M35) 103.91 miles; 2. R.Meijers (HVB Ned M) 101.21 miles; 3. F.Van der Gulik (De Lat Ned M35) 100.00 miles; 22. C.Flint (Sy WC M70) 90.66 miles.
50 km event:
1. A.van Andel(Ned W) 5 hr 19 min 18 sec; 2. J.Koolen (Unitas Ned M45) 5 hr 22 min 5 sec; 3. R.Wakkee (Ned M) 5 hr 39 min 57 sec; 7. D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 7 hr 1 min 15 sec.

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