Veterans Inter-Area T & F Match, Solihull 17th Jul 16
Three Club members competed in the annual Veterans Inter-Area Track & Field Match in Solihull on one of the first continuingly hot days of the summer with the temperature somewhat affecting the times particularly in the Men’s race. The earlier Women’s race included SWC’s Angela Martin representing the South Area. She was 2nd in her age group race as she comfortably held off local rival Geraldine Legon but naturally well down on Anne Wheeler’s British W60 record ahead of her. The men’s field was twice the size and like the earlier race included several of the best national walkers in their age group. SWC’ Shaun Lightman and Peter Hannell turned out for the VAC area with Shaun in the M50 race but still beating two of that group and also some way ahead of Hannell in next overall place.

1(1st M35). M.Williams (Midlands/Tam M50) 9 min 33.78 sec; 2(1st M60). C.Hobbs (South/Ashf M60) 10 min 9.49 sec; 3(1st M60). D.Butterly (Midlands/Leic WC M50) 10 min 11.77 sec; 7(2nd M35). J.Ralph (VAC/E&H M55) 11 min 46.66 sec; 8( 4th M50). S.Lightman (VAC/Sy WC M70) 12 min 11.17 sec; 9(3rd M60). P.Hannell (VAC/Sy WC M70) 13 min 13.69 sec.

1(1st W35). W.Bennett (Midlands/Worc W50) 11 min 0.33 sec; 2(1st W50). C.Dyall (Wales/Nun W35) 11 min 15.3 sec; 3(2nd W50). A.Wheeler (Midlands/Leic WC W60) 11 min 31.86 sec (Br W60 rec); 4(2nd W35). A.Martin (South/Sy WC W50) 13 min 10.92 sec; 5(3rd W50). G.Legon (South/Bexley W55) 13 min 32.3 sec;

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