Veterans AC/Southern VAC 3km Walk, Kingsmeadow, 27th Aug 17
Veterans ACís second promotion of the week was their annual Track & Field Championships held jointly with SCVAC at 2pm on a very hot Sunday. Attendance, particularly on the womenís side, was rather poor with most competitors being the only ones in their age group. Once again this was an ďAĒ race with full judging and this may have been a discouragement. In fact the judging took into account the physical constraints on the older groups and no disqualifications were required. Surrey Walking Club were represented by David Hoben and Peter Hannell and also past member Glen Keegan was there in his Herne Hill vest. The heat had no effect on the average performance but the spread was wide and while some were attuned to and enjoyed the temperature others certainly did not. Both the SWC men fell into the latter category. While the field was mostly together for the first couple of laps, the gaps steadily widened. The two women had a close race but the men, headed by a fine performance from winner, Mark Culshaw, were mostly separated with age a significant factor. The exception to this came from M65 John Hall from Belgrave in second place.

1. M.Culshaw (Ilf 1st M50) 16 min 20.1 sec; 2. J.Hall (Belg 1st M65) 17 min 33.6 sec; 3. J.Morgan (Newp 1st M45) 18 min 37.9 sec; 5. G.Keegan (HHH 2nd M50) 20 min 14.5 sec; 6. P.Hannell (Sy WC 1st M70) 20 min 24.8 sec.4; 7. D.Hoben (Sy WC 1st VAC M60) 21 min 45.1 sec.

1. F.Bishop (AFD 1st W55) 18 min 56.5 sec; 2. L.Hall (Ashf 1st W60) 19 min 4.5 sec.

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