Macclesfield Shield 10km 7th Oct 17
This weekend saw two SWC men travelling up north for the Macclesfield Shield race. Dan Maskell, a regular visitor, and David Hoben were attracted by the Scenic course and the warm Lancashire hospitality although they were welcomed by continuous drizzle. Both performed well with Dan back inside 66 minutes while Davidís time was also his best for some time.

1. T.Taylor (Lancs WC M65) 57 min 37 sec; 2. G.Smith (Lancs WC M65) 1 hr 5 min 9 sec; 3. D.Maskell (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 5 min 29 sec; 11. D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 1 hr 12 min 25 sec;

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