Vets AC 5 miles league 10th Jul 18
The Battersea Park Course saw double figures for the monthly 5 miler which was a typical field size for these pleasant Summer evening races if a little too warm this time. Four Surrey Walking Club appeared with a few familiar names missing due to other races on the previous days. Dan Maskell was first home in sixth and slightly quicker than last time finishing 24 seconds ahead of Fiona Bishop (Woking AC). Behind these David Hoben fell some way behind Mick Harran only to catch him on the third lap although the latter just got to the finish a few seconds ahead. Winner, Ian Richards (Steyning), had a six minute victory over Penelope Cummings (AFD), Less than a minute behind her was very welcome newcomer to racewalking, Stefano Zennaro (Bels), whom we hope will continue to develop his clear talent for our events.

1. I.Richards (Steyn M70) 43 min 9 sec; 2. P.Cummings (AFD W40) 49 min 1 sec; 3. S.Zennaro (Belg M45) 49 min 46 sec; 6. D.Maskell (Sy WC M70) 54 min 48 sec; 8. M.Harran (Sy WC M80) 58 min 9 sec; 9. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 58 min 17 sec; 10. P.Hannell (Sy WC M75) 59 min 42 sec.

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