Molly Barnett Walks incl. England 10km, Coventry 11th Mar 18
Unfortunately Surrey Walking Club had only one competitor in the Senior National 10km - Chris Flint. He had a steady start before coming under the judges’ ban just before 5km.
In the U13 2km event Katie Brash won the event. She was not only the first girl but she beat all the boys including Blackheath & Bromley’s Tom Gilbert who was 2nd in the Boy’s event.
In the U15 3km event 4 competitors headed the field. They split up at 2km with Katie Stringer (Medway) getting the better of Abigail Smith both of whom passed a fading Lois Carty (AFD). Christian Hopper (Camb H U15 Boys) pushed on to win.
In the 5km U17 women’s event Isabelle Bridge went into the lead with Matthew Crane (Bexley). She built up a commanding lead over Lucy Lewis Ward and although she faded towards the end Isabelle hung on to win the women’s race.

5km (mixed)
1. M.Crane (Bexley 1st U17B) 27 min 50 sec; 2. I.Bridge (B&B 1st U17G) 28 min 17 sec; 3. L.Lewis-Ward (Camb H 2nd U17G) 28 min 36 sec.

Under 15 mixed 3km
1. C.Hopper (Camb H 1st U15B) 16 min 57 sec; 2. K.Stringer (M&M 1st U15G) 17 min 7 sec; 3. A.Smith (B&B 2nd U15G) 17 min 37 sec.

Under 13 mixed 2km
1. K.Brash (B&B 1st U13G) 12 min 13 sec; 2. T.Chaplin (Shef/Dearn 1st U13B) 12 min 43 sec; 3. T.Gilbert (B&B 2nd U13B) 13 min 41 sec.

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