British Masters Indoor Championships 3km, Lee Valley Centre 11th Mar 18
Last weekend saw the annual national Indoor event for Masters athletes and three SWC were on show. Angela Martin, Malcolm Martin and Roger Michell all won their age groups although it must be admitted that fields were disappointing. Malcolm’s time was his best over 3km for some time despite the difficulties of indoor walking.

1. F.Reis (TVH 1st M55) 13 min 53.16 sec; 2. I.Richards (Steyn 1st M65) 15 min 30.85 sec; 3. D.Annetts (N Herts 1st M50) 15 min 55.89 sec; 4. M.Martin (Sy WC 1st M60) 16 min 14.02 sec; 6. R.Michell (Sy WC 1st M70) 17 min 55.83 sec.

1. H.Middleton (E&H 1st W55) 17 min 34.25 sec; 2. F.Bishop (AFD 2nd W55) 20 min 55.51 sec; 3. A.Martin (Sy WC 1st W50) 21 min 29.64 sec;

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