Chateau-Thierry 24 hours   17th - 18th Mar 18
The Chateau-Thierry 24 hours was held last weekend. Besides the hills on each of the 136 laps completed (117 miles for the overall winner) the weather would make it impossible for most of us ordinary walkers but not for these contestants.
Surrey Walking Club was as usual represented by two hardy, female walkers Sandra Brown and Kathy Crilley. They were first and third women with 105 and 77 miles respectively in spite of the near zero conditions following 7 hours of rain then 8 hours of snow during the night. Such a situation makes the results for these two ladies, both around 70, all the more incredible.

1. S.Brown (Sy WC W65) 169.450 km; 2. C.Bizard (France) 147.259 km; 3. K.Crilley (Sy WC W70) 124.981 km.

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