BMAF 5km Championship, Horwich 17th Jun 18
The 2018 masters 5km road race was once again held within the Horwich Festival events in Lancashire and featured some great performances especially that of new M70 Ian Richards. Ian remarkably was first home beating the 32 others across the age groups in an un-ratified world best of 25:29 which is graded at 98.3% on the usual scale. Surrey Walking Club’s Roger Michell was just inside the top half of the field which sounds much less impressive but in fact gave him 2nd in the same, most populated, age-group and was not too far from his excellent performances at Alicante. By comparison and more appropriately, the other three M70s were towards the back of this quite large field and 3 or 4 minutes behind Roger.

Men M70
1. I.Richards (Steyn M70) 25 min 29 sec; sec; 2. R.Michell (Sy WC M70) 30 min 48 sec; 3. R.Gunnett (Lancs WC M70) 33 min 42 sec; 4. J.Hardy (Lancs WC M70) 33 min 48 sec.

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