Schiedam 100 miles, Rotterdam, Holland 19th - 20th May 18
The Schiedam 100 miles in Rotterdam involved three Surrey Walking Club athletes and would have included four had not Kathy Crilley’s previously noted accident in Battersea Park, deprived her of this and other events. We all wish her well and good luck and trust her recovery has been sufficient as she has travelled to France for the Paris – Alsace race. In Holland however Sandra Brown managed yet another 100 mile success just inside 22 hours. She was 2nd woman and 8th overall while her daughter Vicky managed over 30 miles in the first third of the period. Meanwhile Richard McChesney partially, coached by Shaun Lightman, completed the 100 some way in front of Sandra and went on for the full 24 hours with 115 miles which was a New Zealand age-group record. There was also a shorter 50km race where David Hoben was up in 2nd in a time around his average despite having very recently done a 6-day race

100 miles Men
1. B.Coulier (Belg) 20 hr 16 min 40 sec; 2. J.Taghon (Holl) 20 hr 23 min 56 sec; 3. R.McChesney (NZ) 20 hr 44 min 11 sec (185.129km in 24hr – NZ age-group record).

100 Miles Women
1. W.Driessen (Fr) 21 hr 32 min 35 sec; 2 (8th Overall). S.Brown (Sy WC W65) 21 hr 55 min 25 sec. Also V.Barnes (Sy WC W) 50.732 km in 8 hr 25 min 46 sec.

50 Km Mixed
1. H.Drijvers (Holl) 5 hr 44 min 59 sec; 2. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 7 hr 18 min 12 sec; 3. D.Obermyer (Holland W) 7 hr 45 min 21 sec.

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