French 6 Day Ultra, Privas 19th - 25th Aug 18
Kathy Crilley, competing in the W70 group in France, managed over 36 miles a day in a new age-best for 6 days – an excellent achievement! This was in spite of such heavy thunder, lightning, rain and flooding causing the race to be halted as the chip timing failed. That day’s racing was partially curtailed although the lost time was added at the end. Richard was in the lead for two days however he suffered badly from blisters on the mostly dirt track course missing some time for foot repairs. This did not prevent him soldering on to finish in fourth and less than 23 miles outside of the medals with over 351 miles completed. The two French winners finished together with an average of 63 miles a day with Richard at 59 despite the blisters.

1. P.Cailleaux (Fra) 608.283 km; 2. P.Clement (Fra) 608.283 km; 3. C.Biet (Fra) 601.863 km; 4. R. McChesney (NZ); 565.283 km.

1. C.Bizard (Fra) 564.643 km; 2. K.Lawrie (IoM W40 world best) 463.803 km; 3. B.Salomez (Fra) 400.923 km; 6. K.Crilley (SyWC W70 world best) 350.343 km.

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