Enfield League, Donkey Lane 20th Jan 18
Dismal weather greeted the 36 starters for the first event of the 2018 Enfield League. Surrey Walking Club provided 3 of these plus the welcome return of second claim Paul King. Our first man, David Crane, went off with the leader Ian Richards and at half way dropped Richards but was challenged by the fast finishing newcomer David Annetts (North Herts Road Runners) to lose out in the final 800m to finish second just 23 seonds behind the winner’s 40:34. Further down the field Shaun Lightman began cautiously but came through overtaking Andy Cox at 3.5 miles and nearly catching Gary Smith in the last 400m and showing further progress back to form. Paul was just behind Cox in a time just consistent with his previous races despite a long period out of the sport. In the women’s race, new comer, Maddy Shott (Belgrave) has only been training 6 weeks and this was her first race however she won the ladies race in 44m 14s. Kathy Crilley had a lonely trip to finish in 9th with a time not far from other recent events.
In the Annual Enfield League Table where, despite not retaining the team Championship from last year, Surrey Walking Club with 2006 points were a creditable 3rd behind Enfield (2552) and Ilford (2032) – both more local to the events. 12 teams participated by way of having 6 or more contestants over the year. As to SWC individuals David Hoben was first in 8th position with 432 handicap points having completed 8 out of the 10 races. Chris Flint was in next table position having made all but one race and 420 points. Dan Maskell (11th) and Malcolm Martin (17th) were not far behind with the latter’s since injury making up for only doing half the dates. We also had another 6 participants doing fewer races with Lightman and Hannell completing the scoring team.

1. D.Annetts (N Herts M50) 40 min 30 sec; 2. D.Crane (Sy WC M40) 40 min 57 sec; 3. I.Richards (Steyn M65) 41 min 26 sec; 14. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 53 min 31 sec; 16. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M65) 55 min 48 sec.

1. M.Shott (Belg W) 44 min 14 sec; 2. H.Middleton (E&H W55) 48 min 27 sec; 3. M.Peddle (Loughton W45) 48 min 51 sec; 9. K.Crilley (Sy WC W70) 1 hr 2 min 32 sec.

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