Bourges 24 Hour Race, France 24th - 25th Feb 18
Two Surrey Walking Club members, Sandra Brown and Kathy Crilley, headed to France this weekend to compete in the Bourges 24 hours race. This always difficult event was made even more so by a two degree C temperature and a biting cold wind but this did not prevent excellent results with Sandra completing 104 miles as second woman and Kathy 5th with 89 miles. For Kathy this race was particularly important as she hope to take part in this year’s Paris -Alsace race for the Bourges race is a qualifying event. While it might be indiscreet to mention these ladies ages, the numbers 68 and 70 make these achievements in these conditions very remarkable.

1. T.Maslova (Russia W40) 173.827 km; 2. S.Brown (Sy WC W65) 169.359 km; 3. K.Zeimer (France W) 168.116 km; 6. K.Crilley (Sy WC W70) 143.621 km.

1. C.Laborie (France M) 189.800 km; 2. G.Vermeir (Belgium M) 186.299 km; 3. F.Letourneau (France M) 184.521 km.

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