SWC Open 5km, Tonbridge 25th Jul 18
Surrey Walking Club held the last of their 2017/18 races with an Open 5km in the grounds of Tonbridge School on the very hot evening last Wednesday. In total a field of ten was about normal although only two of the home Club travelled to the venue. To compensate there were several youngsters taking part. First home over the 10 laps was Tonbridge’s International, Guy Thomas lapping the field twice or more and then doing an extra 5km training. The SWC pair were at the back of the field heat but Dan Maskell’s time was less affected by the temperature. This was the final event in SWC’s 2017/18 handicap competition season but, with only two present, one of whom was the handicapper, meant the other, Dan, took the solo win. Chris Flint won the competition over the year while this race moved Chris into second with David Hoben third. Shaun Lightman acted as judge while one of his coaching group, Abi Smith (Blckheath & Bromley) raced over 3km with a good time considering the heat.

1. G.Thomas (Ton U23 M) 21 min 46 sec; 2. O.Hopkins (Lewes U20 M) 27 min 48 sec; 3. C.Hobbs (Ashf M60) 29 min 44 sec; 5. D.Maskell (Sy WC M70) 34 min 7 sec; 6. P.Hannell (Sy WC M75) 37 min 55 sec.
1. A.Smith (B&B U15G) 18 min 52 sec.

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