8th 6-Day Race, Balatonfured, Hungary 3rd - 9th May 18
The field for the 6-day race in Hungary was 92 - a large field for an event of this kind. The course was composed of laps of 920 metres around a holiday camp adjacent to popular tourist resort Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake. The course was only three metres from the chalets where the competitors were housed. The weather was Mediterranean-like from the start and throughout, although much of the route was tree lined. Once out of shade and in direct sunlight the afternoon temperatures were extreme.
The vast majority of the field were runners but the first race walker home for the men was right up in 3rd overall in the person of Ivo Majetic (USA) M45 with 786.744k (490 mls) who walked strongly throughout whilst first for the ladies was former runner Martina Hausmann (Germany) W55 505.833k (314 mls) in 48th overall. Representing SWC was David Hoben M65 coming in with 337.502k (210 mls), equivalent to 8 marathons and in 78th overall.
The whole event was well organised down to the smallest detail, and on the final day nearly all joined in the flag bearing of their home country on the last lap. As a very large number of countries participated, it is likely that the event can only continue to grow in size.

1. M.Thwaites (Au M40) 837.605km; 2. D.Sessegolo (Fr M50) 802.119km; 3. I.Majetic (USA Walker M45) 786.740km; 38. J.Turner (B&B M65) 535.207km; 78. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 337.502km.

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