Surrey/Sussex Masters 3km Championship, Ewell 3rd Jun 18
A field of only 6 starters were further reduced by the disqualification of your reporter in a race judged as a normal Championship A race. With the mercury up at 28 degrees it was no surprise that times were slowish although the clear winner, Penelope Cummings (AFD), was not far off expectation as she lapped the whole field. Chris Flint found it hard going, especially in the first few laps, but he pushed on and passed Fiona Bishop (AFD) on the penultimate lap. David Hoben who had raced so much recently, including Moulton, had a lonely race at the rear but broke 5 m.p.h. comfortably.

1. P.Cummings (Sy/AFD W40) 16 min 56.5 sec; 2. R.Penfold (Sx/Steyn M75) 19 min 41.95 sec; 3. C.Flint (Sy/Sy WC M70) 20 min 24.44 sec; 4. F.Bishop (Sy/AFD W55) 20 min 32.6 sec; 5. D.Hoben (Sy/Sy WC M65) 22 min 5.44 sec.

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