London Open & Southern 10 & 5km 4th Feb 18
The dominant feature of this meeting was the weather with a cold breeze adding to the bright but low air temperature. Surrey Walking Club won the menís team race but the victory was tempered by the fact of a very low turnout which left SWC as the only team of two although well down the small field. Shaun Lightman and Chris Flint battled on bravely with Shaun working hard from a cautious start. The third member of the team, Peter Hannell, was unable to hold form after injury and removed but two finishers were enough. The good features of the event were the presence in the first three places of relatively young walkers and the performances of three of Shaunís coaching group from Blackheath and Bromley HAC in the other races. Katie Brash was the only Under 13 2km competitor in a combined race with the 3km Under 15 3km but broke her best by a considerable margin. Also in the 3km Abi Smith was in silver position while the 5km womenís race included Under 17 Isabelle Bridge winning gold. Both girls performed well with Issy managing to drop Lucy Lewis-Ward (Cambridge H) as she tried to hold the U20 girl ahead of her.

Girlís U13 2km
1. K.Brash (B&B U13G) 12 min 6 sec.

Girlís U15 3km
1. C.Hopper (Camb H U15B) 16 min 46 sec; 1. L.Carty (AFD U15G) 16 min 47 sec; 2. A.Smith (B&B U15G) 17 min 5 sec; 3. K.Stringer (M&M U15G) 17 min 20 sec.

Womenís 5km
1. N.Aidietyte (Ilf W) 25 min 28 sec; 2. M.Shott (Bels Sen W) 26 min 28 sec; 3. A.Jennings (AFD U20W) 26 min 58 sec; 4. I.Bridge (B&B U17G) 28 min 30 sec.

Menís 10km:
1. C.Snook (AFD U20 M) 47 min 14 sec; 2. L.Legon (Camb H U23 M) 47 min 58 sec; 3. J.Hobbs (Ashf M) 49 min 54 sec; 8. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 1 hr 9 min 11 sec; 9. A.Thomson (E&H M80) 1 hr 12 min 26 sec; 10. C.Flint (Sy WC M70) 1 hr 12 min 30 sec.

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