VAC 5M Race Walk, Battersea Park 7th Aug 18
The fifth and final fixture of the season of the VAC summer 5 mile series had reasonable numbers given clash with an international in Paris and very high temperatures, which abated slightly during the evening leading to close humid conditions. Melanie Peddle from Loughton AFD achieved a good time to win for the ladies and second place overall in 49:03, not far off her personal best.
Dave Chalk achieved a creditable 50:48 in 3rd place which is even more remarkable as he does not come from a running or walking background and certainly demonstrates that there must be others out there who could follow that example; six miles in the hour must surely be not far away.
The remainder of the field achieved respectable times in the abnormally high temperatures. Of the four-strong Surrey Walking Club group David Hoben performed particularly well. All of the last four competitors were in a group and David held on well to stay with Mick Harran until the final strides.

1. I.Richards (Steyn M70) 39 min 36 sec; 2. M.Peddle (Loughton W45) 49 min 3 sec; 3. D.Chalk (BMAF M50) 50 min 48 sec; 5. D.Maskell (Sy WC M70) 55 min 33 sec; 7. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M65) 57 min 21 sec; 9. M.Harran (Sy WC M80) 57 min 42 sec; 10. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 57 min 43 sec.

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