British Athletics Indoor Championships, Birmingham 10th Feb 19
Two SWC members were invited to take part in the 5km walk featuring in the prestigious British Athletics Indoor Championships. This was a technically difficult event on the banked track and with strict ‘A’ race judging David Crane, like almost half the field, was removed. Francisco Reis’ normal flawless style meant a satisfactory completion in a fair time although twice the age of the winner, the excellent Tom Bosworth. Tom was careful to survive even at sub 20 minute pace although a minute outside of his 18:29 record last year.

1. T.Bosworth (Ton M) 19 min 22.56 sec; 2. C.Corbishley (M&M U23 M) 20 min 29.4 sec; 3. C.Snook (AFD U20 M) 21 min 41.47 sec; 6. F.Reis (Sy WC M55) 25 min 21.39 sec.

1. H.Lewis (P'broke W) 22 min 55.15 sec; 2. M.Shott (Belg W) 25 min 15.58 sec; 3. P.Spooner (Weth U20W) 26 min 43.74 sec.

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