Midland/BMAF 20km Championships, Coventry 14th Jul 19
The Midlands 20km hosted the National Masters Championship with 20 travelling to Warwick University’s track in Coventry on a fortunately cloudy and relatively cool Sunday. A few of these were committed to only 10km. Three SWC were present with two assisting and just Sandra Brown competing in the not unjustified hope of new British and World records. This was not to be as the organisers failed to ensure enough fully qualified timekeepers despite the nature of the event. Worse still, the event saw the application of such strict judging that 60% of the field was disqualified including Sandra at almost 10km. She had performed well before this point and was inside the 5km record at that point and would have broken the 10km UK record by several minutes had she been permitted to complete another 150 metres. The only people having a really good day were Olympian female and overall winner Lisa Langford while first man, Peter Bosko, was also well ahead of his expectation and pleased to survive the judges with his strong style. Needless to say many departed as soon as possible and there was no cheery presentation of medals.

1. P.Boszko (Bir M70) 2 hr 5 min 55 sec; 2. I.Torode (SW Vets M60) 2 hr 19 min 38 sec; 3. J.Constandinou (Bir M45) 2 hr 21 min 20 sec.

1. L.Kehler (W&B W50) 1 hr 54 min 19 sec; 2. C.Derbyshire (Nun W40) 2 hr 7 min 26 sec; 3. M.Peddle (Loughton W50) 2 hr 9 min 2 sec; 4. N.Blatchford (Abing W70) 2 hr 27 min 7 sec; 5. J.Howard (Abing W60) 2 hr 33 min 27 sec. Sandra Brown (SyWC W70) d.q.

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