Tower Insurance and Centurians 100 miles, Castletown, IoM 17th - 18th Aug 19
The other race last weekend was the National long distance Championship held within the Towers Centurion 100 miles in Castletown on the Isle of Man. 3 members of Surrey Walking Club (SWC) participated. This was a tough event on a one-mile lap which took the form of 3 legs like the symbol on the Manx flag round local streets and the pedestrianised market square of the ancient capital of the Isle of Man. With tight turns, a strong breeze, temperatures never higher than 17C and a hill past the castle and the early parliament building, this was not a race for very fast times and it was interesting how many 100 miles completions were concentrated in those nail-biting final minutes! The town was superseded as capital by Douglas around 1890 and is a very attractive, historic and charming small town, with its grand castle – which was circumnavigated 100 times - on a hill above the harbour together with the old parliament building and other fine traditional buildings around the old market square which was race HQ. The race was blessed with sunshine, contributing to a very enjoyable weekend.This was another organizational masterpiece by Steve Taylor and his team at Manx Harriers. It was the best supported National event for some time in spite of its non-central location.
Sandra Brown, who has had many 100 mile (Centurion) successes, was in first position for some of the women’s race and added another to her list in what is now a mega year for her, having entered more events than usual to celebrate her 70th birthday. She finished less than 3 minutes behind the winner, Bernie Johnson (IoM), who had a successful finish in the Colchester 100 in 2010. Claire Bass, who also was in the lead for some of the race followed up her great race in the Netherlands 100 miles only 2 months earlier
Richard Brown and Chris Flint, also took part but did not complete on this occasion, although completing a considerable amount of miles in the attempt. They both have many 100 mile finishes in previous 100s including some outright wins between them.
With such a large field the usual results celebration naturally took some time with SWC’s Pam Ficken, who became Centurion president earlier in the year, presenting the Centurion awards, including those for the 16 who qualified as UK Centurions for the first time.

100 miles Men
1 R.Tersteeg (RWV Holl M40) 19 hrs 47 Min 15sec; 2. P.Asselman (Belg SM) 20 hrs 24 min 24sec; 3. A.Titley (IOM M50) 20 hrs 59 min 54 sec; 23. C.Flint (SyWC M70) 23 hrs 32 min 26 sec (66 mls); 29. R.Brown (SyWC M70) 12 hrs 35 min 3 sec (51 mls).

100 miles Women
1. B.Johnson (IOM W35) 22 hrs 39 min 51 sec; 2. S.Brown (SyWC W70) 22 hrs 42 min 39 sec; 3. C.Bass (Ely W40) 23 hrs 13 min 34 sec.

20 Miles Men
1. I.Richards (Steyn M70) 3 hr 9 min 15 sec; 2. S.Gawne (IOM SM) 3 hr 27 min 54 sec; 3. T.Mackintosh (IOM Vet M45) 3 hr 30 min 22 sec; 13. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 4 hr 23 min 42 sec.

20 miles Women
1. M.Turner (Nthn(IOM) W45) 3 hr 51 min 17 sec; 1. L.Gleave (Nthn(IOM) W) 3 hr 55 min 16 sec; 2. L.Gleave (Nthn(IOM) W) 3 hr 55 min 16 sec; 3. J.Farquhar (Manx W50) 3 hr 59 min 50 sec;

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