Guernsey Church to Church 1st Sep 19
1. S.LeNoury (Sarnia M) 3 hr 20 min 14 sec; 2. D.Allan (Sarnia W45) 3 hr 25 min 18 sec; 3. J.Ball (Steyn M55) 3 hr 42 min 58 sec; 6. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 4 hr 10 min 8 sec.

The other event of the weekend was the famous Guernsey Church to Church 19.4 miles on Sunday with just David Hoben from SWC taking part on a hot day with a welcome breeze. Although towards the back of the small field he was very pleased to come in almost half-an-hour quicker than last year not far off four hours. In doing so he beat regular attendee, Ed Shillabeer, one-time SWC member, whose 4:45 was a great achievement for an 81 year old.

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