French 24 Hours, Bourges 23rd-24th Feb 19
The French National Women’s 24 hours walking Championships were headed by an English guest who is all but 70 years old. This amazing fact only becomes realistic when we find, unsurprisingly, that Surrey Walking Club’s Sandra Brown was the lady in question. She was over 5 miles ahead of the actual French champion, Marie Cain, and completed 4.5 miles more than last year. Marie naturally received the appropriate Cup and National medal however the organisers recognized Sandra’s achievement, not for the first time, and presented her a special medal and cup. Mid-field was another SWC English competitor, Kathy Crilley, who is herself already in the W70 group and also completed a greater distance than last year. Sandra was 9th in the overall placings.

Men (47 finished)
1. J.Rouault (France) 198.716; 2. A.Forestieri (France) 190.588km; 3. C.Laborie (France) 190.076km. 

Women (14 finished)
1. S.Brown (Sy WC W65) 176.568km; 2. M.Cain (France) 167.902km; 3. E.Bizard-Planchot (France) 166.145km; 7. K.Crilley (Sy WC W70) 147.143km. 

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