Enfield One Hour Race, Lee Valley Track, Enfield 29th Sep 19
The One Hour Race at Enfield was split into two race, one strictly judged (A rules) for the younger or fitter competitors to give them the experience of championship racing and the other for the rest with less emphasis on style (B rules). SWC had six starters, which is better that other recent events, with two in the A race. The biggest difference between the races, besides the speed, was that the B version was held in dry conditions while the intermittent showers yielded steady quite hard rain for the later event. Unsurprisingly the A race saw generally poorer performances however SWC’s two in this event were not so deterred with Francisco Reis almost up to 11 km and Malcolm Martin improving a little despite the rain. Of the four in the dry race fortunes were mixed with another good race from David Hoben leaving the other SWC behind. He managed to just hold off Chris Flint who was out of form while Mick Harran was near to expectation and Peter Hannell stopped due to injury. This was a very popular event with 34 taking part together with a number of lap counters and other officials who were resolute despite a very unpleasant second hour. The best part of the event was the happier group when the walking was complete and the competitors changed back in the dry.

1. G.Wilkinson (E&H U20 M) 12.667 km; 2. D.Annetts (N Herts M50) 12.489 km; 3. J.Hobbs (Ashf M) 11.394 km; 4 F.Reis (Sy WC M55) 10.939 km; 8. M.Martin (Sy WC M60) 9.897 km; 21. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 8.651 km; 27 M.Harran (SyWC M80 8.137 km; 29. C.Flint (Sy WC M70) 7.840 km; P.Hannell (SyWC M75) retired

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