Surrey and Sussex Masters T&F Championships at Kingsmeadow, Kingston 2nd Jun 19
In sunny, humid conditions (28 centigrade) four walkers towed the line for the 3km race walk in the Surrey and Sussex Masters T&F Championships at Kingsmeadow, Kingston, KT1 3PB. Two judges were in attendance, namely Verity Snook and Ian Statter. Paul Gaston (SWC and Sussex) quickly opened up a lead followed by Ron Penfold (Steyning AC and Sussex) whilst Jules Del Nevo (Croydon Harriers AC and Surrey nee Williams) settled in third position with Chris Flint (Surrey WC and Surrey) tail end charley, and these positions did not vary throughout the 7 lap race. Ron Penfold did manage to reduce the gap separating Paul and only 8 seconds separated the two at the end. 
The clash of fixture with the BMAF 10 kms at Oxford clearly had an effect on numbers participating in the Masters T&F championships walk, and possibly the Moulton 5 miles the day before. We are grateful for Verity and Ian presence throughout the race.

1. P.Gaston (Sussex, Sy WC M70) 19 min 47.8 sec; 2. R.Penfold (Sussex, Steyn M75) 19 min 55.57 sec; 3. J.Del Novo (Surrey, Sy WC W45) 20 min 27.67 sec; 4. C.Flint (Surrey, Sy WC M70) 21 min 23.51 sec.

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