Guernsey 3km 30th Aug 19
The full Guernsey race is preceded on the Friday by a short road 3km as a warm up which most of the competitors and some other local walkers take part in. Almost a dozen started including David and while clearly not wishing to overdo it before the long event was not far from his expected time and ahead of his last outing over what for him is a very short distance.

1. S.LeNoury (Sarnia M) 16 min 3 sec; 2. D.Allan (Sarnia W45) 17 min 8 sec; =3. J.Ball (Steyn M55) 17 min 48 sec; =3. R.Elliott (Sarnia M60) 17 min 48 sec; sec; 8. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 21 min 34 sec.

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