Enfield League Race 9 5km. Allianz Stadium, Copthall 31st Aug 19
Saturday brought another race as a good number of 26 turned out for the latest Enfield League race over 5km at the Allianz Park track of whom four took the 3km option. SWC had two in the main event with Francisco Reis up in 4th , in a better time than recently, while Malcolm Martin in ninth overall had a hard race to beat his Tonbridge time by a few seconds. The two Blackheath and Bromley entrants, Carla Forsyth and Johnny Ellerton were restricted by age to 3km and both had good races with Carla half a minute clear in her first race over 3km while Johnny continued to improve as he scored another personal best. Also in the 3km, at the other end of the age scale, Peter Hannell and old rival Bob Dobson (Ilford) walked comfortably inside 8 minute kilo pace and Peter coming out just ahead of Bob

Men 5km
1. G.Wilkinson (E&H U20 M) 23 min 22.29 sec; 2. D.Annetts (N Herts M50) 24 min 7.1 sec; 3. F.Reis (Sy WC M55) 26 min 5.41 sec; 4. C.Hobbs (Ashf M60) 29 min 5.41 sec; 5. S.Uttley (Ilf M60) 29 min 8.48 sec; 6. M.Martin (Sy WC M60) 29 min 32.3 sec.

Women 5km
1. M.Shott (Belg W) 24 min 56.83 sec; 2. J.Benson (Ashf U20W) 28 min 58.7 sec;3. M.Peddle (Loughton W50) 29 min 9.7 sec.

1. C.Forsyth (B&B U13G) 18 min 55.06 sec; 2. J.Ellerton (B&B U15B) 19 min 18.65 sec; 3. P.Hannell (Sy WC M75) 22 min 54.22 sec; 4. B.Dobson (Ilf M75) 23 min 16.27 sec.

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