BBHAC Johnson Bowl plus SWC Gazette Cup 4miles, Norman Park, Bromley 3rd Jul 19
SWCís own 4 mile promotion, in conjunction with Blackheath and Bromley, had quite a good showing of six for the Gazette Cup which was won by Roger with some of the Blackheath youngsters, who might have given him a battle, unable to attend. Rogerís time in this race was, like David Hobenís, relatively good and they were not far apart in the handicap result with Roger just ahead by 25 seconds although 7 minutes ahead on actual time. The rest of the field was much more bunched but there was little overtaking. The last of these was Nolan Simmons who was much welcomed, after a long spell, for his first complete race and though at the rear he was up in third in the handicap as he was not too far from his previous times a long while before. The rest all appeared tired after a very warm day and failed to impress the time keeper. Doing just one mile was Blackheath & Bromley Harrier, Johnny Ellerton, who showed good style and good speed having started fast alongside Roger.

4 Miles
1. R.Michell (Sy WC M70) 40 min 25 sec; 2. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 47 min 30 sec; 3. M.Harran (Sy WC M80) 48 min 35 sec; 4. C.Edwards (Sy WC M70) 51 min 35 sec; 5. C.Flint (Sy WC M70) 53 min 19 sec; 6. N.Simmons (Sy WC M75) 54 min 9 sec.

2 Miles
1. J.Ellerton (B&B U13B) 23 min 9 sec; 2. R.Chapman (Unatt W) 33 min 26 sec.

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