Lewes AC Open Track 5km Walk 6th Jul 19
Lastly, SWC member Peter Selby organized a pleasant if very hot 5km race in Lewes including a 1km race for his young coaching group. A healthy total of 14 starters set out with five doing the full distance despite the temperature with David Hoben a SWC’s representative and, though down the field, he made good time and seemed more used to the heat. Three individuals including Peter Hannell opted for 3km. First was Emily Ghose of Tonbridge who time was 50% faster than the other two who stuck more or less together in a successful attempt to push each other to better times and regain some fitness.

1. P.Cummings (AFD W40) 28 min 58 sec; 2. M.Culshaw (Ilf M50) 31 min 26 sec; 3. J.Killick (Steyn M70) 33 min 26 sec; 4. J.Carder (B&H W50) 36 min 9 sec; 5. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 36 min 35 sec;

1. E.Ghose (Ton U23W) 16 min 42 sec; 2. C.Killick (Steyn W70) 23 min 23 sec; 3. P.Hannell (Sy WC M75) 23 min 26 sec.

1. C.Forsyth (B&B U13G) 5 min 49 sec; 2. H.Perry (Lewes U13B) 6 min 12 sec; 3. C.Perry (Lewes U11B) 6 min 22 sec; 4. S.Claydon (Lewes U13G) 6 min 22 sec; 5. R.Gaugham (Lewes U13B) 6 min 22 sec; 6. E.Bell (Lewes U13G) 6 min 22 sec.

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