OLAT/AV Weert International Walking Race, Weert, Holland 8th - 9th Jun 19
Four members of Surrey Walking Club participated in the biennial OLAT/AV Weert International Walking Race in Weert, Holland, which was held on a circuit round residential roads, parkland and an athletics track near the small town of Weert close to the German border. The event had a total of 116 entrants and was well organised by the host organization, OLAT, with the excellent track and clubhouse facilities of the local running club, AV Weert. Conditions for the first few hours were not easy with high winds, lots of tree debris on and off the track, and squally showers, in contrast the early evening was a complete change with clear skies, little wind and a very pleasant temperature to race in which continued to the end of the 24 hours.
Sandra Brown, who has had many continental 100 mile (Centurion) successes, added another to her list and also achieved W75 world record status in a time near to her recent events and as 3rd lady. Sandra was later presented with an award by SWC to commemorate over 200 completions of 100 miles or more and total dedication to the long distance scene. Chris Flint, who has also completed a very large number of Centurion events went for the 50 mile option on this occasion, his first race over that distance for some years, and though slower than usual was pleased to complete the distance without problems.
Notably another British entrant, Claire Bass, although not an SWC member, qualified as a Centurion in only her second attempt, and was fourth lady exactly an hour behind Sandra with a time nearly forty minutes inside the 24 hour limit.

100 miles
1. B.Cools (Ned) 19 hrs 41 min 53 sec; 4 (1st W). M.Zerifi (Bel) 20 hr 46 min 13 sec
10 (3rd W). Sandra Brown (SyWC GBR) 22 hr 22 min 34 sec (W70 world record); 15 (4th W). C.Bass (GBR); 18. R.McChesney (GBR).
Outside of 100 miles 24. C.Arosanyin (ex-SyWC NGR) 99.49 miles; 43. S.Shah (GBR) 52 miles; 55. K.Crilley (SyWC W GBR) 40.00 miles in 10 hr 3 min 55 sec; 61. S.Beardsmore (W GBR) 10 miles.

Three of the 100 mile competitors went on past 100 miles to complete 24 hours with P.Asselman (Bel) completing 114 miles.

50 miles
1. R.Brand (Ned) 9 hr 22 min 4 sec; 28. C. Flint (SyWC M70 GBR) 13 hr 37 min 42 sec.
1. L.Droogendijk (F Ned) 6 hr 46 min 48 sec; 2. D.Hoben (SyWC M65 GBR) 7 hr 17 min 53 sec

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