SCVAC League S.London match 4, 2km, Croydon Arena 8th Jul 19
The results of the South London Division Masters League have been published and Surrey Walking Club had three members out representing their various running clubs. The best performance came from Jules Del Nevo for Croydon Harriers as she won the W35 group race. Representing Croydon Harriers and Striders of Croydon respectively, Ian Statter and David Hoben were 2nd and 3rd in the M50 race with both not far from current times.

Women W35-49
1. J.Del-Novo (CrH/Sy WC W35) 13 min 1.0 sec. 2. D.Norman (E&E W45) 14 min 0.7 sec.
3. L.Richardson (K&P W35) 15 min 37.1 sec.

Men M50+
1. B.Arbury (E&E M50) 12 min 37.6 sec; 2. I.Statter (CrH/Sy WC M60) 13 min 7.0 sec; 3. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 14 min 4.4 sec.

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