Enfield 7 miles, Playing Field, 9th Nov 2019
The Enfield 7 miles goes back nearly 100 years and the 2019 edition managed, with the many athletes, spectators and officials, to attract another fair crowd with over 40 on the start line. In all Surrey Walking Club representation was 11 but 3 were officiating, 2 spectators and 2 doing only 5 miles leaving just a full team of 4 in the 7 miles itself. David Crane (4th man) and Malcolm Martin (8th ) were obviously well towards the front of the field while David Hoben and Chris Flint were somewhat further down. Francisco Reis was forced to spectate otherwise we might have been a close 2nd team but in the event still managed a creditable 3rd. The first walkers home were the Wilkinson brothers with the elder, international, Callum, merely strolling at fifty and a half minutes and less than a minute ahead of younger George with a personal best still 3 minutes clear of the field. David Crane had a good race to clearly break the hour while Malcolm also walked well though with no-one very close ahead but Penelope Commings (AFD) just behind. Times were generally good on a cold and sunny but windless day including David Hobenís 80 minutes. Chris Flint was a little down on his historic times, however showed an improvement on his more recent form to win the SWC handicap included within the main race. Angela Martin and Peter Hannell opted for just five of the one mile laps with Angela still struggling with injury while Peter was still slow but slightly better than last time out. Shaun Lightman coached Johnny Ellerton (B&B) scored a 97 second best over 2 miles.

Men 7 miles (SWC Handicap positions in brackets)
1. C.Wilkinson (E&H U23 M) 53 min 30 sec; 2. G.Wilkinson (E&H U20 M) 54 min 14 sec; 3. L.Legon (Camb H U23 M) 57 min 4 sec; 4. D.Crane (Sy WC M40) 59 min 39 sec; 8(3). M.Martin (Sy WC M60) 1 hr 7 min 27 sec; 21(2). D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 20 min 8 sec; 25(1). C.Flint (Sy WC M70) 1 hr 23 min 29 sec (4). 

Women 7 miles
1. M.Shott (Belg W) 57 min 6 sec; 2. S.Alves (Barn W45) 1 hr 4 min 58 sec; 3. P.Cummings (AFD W40) 1 hr 7 min 34 sec.

7 miles Mixed Teams
1. Enfield 42 pts; 2. Ilford 62 pts; 3. Surrey Walking Club 77 pts.

5 miles
1. M.Morris (M&M U20W) 45 min 17 sec; 2. D.Braverman (E&H W65) 58 min 42 sec; 3. P.Hannell (Sy WC M75) 1 hr 2 min 45 sec; 4. A.Martin (Sy WC W55) 1 hr 5 min 7 sec.

2 MIles
1. J.Ellerton (B&B U15B) 21 min 32 sec.

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