Cecil Gittins Memorial Walks, Cyclopark, Gravesend
The fifth running of this event on a dedicated cycle circuit much like a scaled down version of Brands Hatch course, on the first race walking road event in mainland Britain since lockdown. In all there were 38 entries with 35 on the line, a slight increase from 2019, in good racing conditions on a mild cloudy day. The starter was George Nibre, former GB international. 

The ladiesí 5k was won by Abby Hughes (Taunton AC) who achieved a new pb in 25:25, and a new course record, previously held by Olympian and Commonwealth Games medal winner Lisa Kehler (Wolverhampton & Bilston) since 2016 (26:26). The menís 5k was won by Christian Hopper (Cambridge H) who also achieved a new pb in 25:06, and a new course record, formerly held by Marshall Smith (Ashford AC) also since 2016 (27:22).
The winner of the ladiesí 10k was Millie Morris who had a significant new pb in 54:33, and took the course record from Emily Ghose (Tonbridge AC) held since 2017 (56:53).
The winner of the menís 10k was Luc Legon with yet another new pb in 45:29, taking the course record from Jonathan Hobbs (Ashford AC) also held since 2017 (50:25).
The winner of the ladiesí 15k was Abigail Jennings (AFD) coming in at 1:24:36 in her first attempt at the distance, taking a new course record, previously held by Anne Jones (Steyning AC) since 2017 (1:43:16).
VAC were pleased to welcome Dan and Dominic King, who have been GB internationals for over 20 years, in particular Dominic participating in the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Olympics.
Dominic won the menís 15k in 1:06:18, closely followed by his brother, and took a new course record from Luc Legon who achieved 1:15:10 in 2017.

Due to COVID a number of additional SWC competitions were incorporated into this event 

  • Johnson Bowl was won by Abigail Smith from Roger Michell 
  • SWC Open 5km where Roger Michell won followed by Chris Flint and then David Hoben
  • Gazette Cup was won by Roger Michell who also won the handicap
  • Mark Easton Abbotswood 7m was won by Roger Michell who also won the handicap


1 Lola-Mae Billingham U17W Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 15:36 


1 Abby Hughes U17W Taunton AC 25:25 
2 Hannah Hopper U20W Cambridge Harriers 28:53 
3 Abigail Smith U17W Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 29:13 

1 Christian Hopper U17M Cambridge Harriers 25:06 
2 Christopher Hobbs M65 Ashford AC 31:31 
3 Peter Watts M65 Swanley & District AC 31:41 
4 Jonathan Ellerton U15B Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 33:03 
5 David Hoben M65 Surrey Walking Club 35:14 
Peter Hannell M75 Surrey Walking Club DNF


1 Millie Morris U20W Ashford AC 54:33 
2 Silvana Alves W45 Barnet & District AC 58:13 
3 Grazia Manzotti W50 Tonbridge AC 58:21 

1 Luc Legon SM Cambridge Harriers 45:29 
2 Graham Chapman M65 Headington RRC 1:01:10 
3 Roger Michell M70 Surrey Walking Club 1:01:52 


1 Abigail Jennings U23W Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 1:24:36 
2 Jacqueline Benson U23W Ashford AC 1:30:29 
3 Katherine Smith W55 Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 1:52:48 

1 Dominic King M35 Colchester Harriers AC 1:06:18 
2 Daniel King M35 Colchester Harriers AC 1:06:19 
3 Ian Richards M70 Steyning AC 1:22:50 
9 Christopher Flint M75 Surrey Walking Club 1:54:06 

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