Surrey Walking Club Christmas Cup 5km, Tonbridge Track 20th Nov 21
This Annual Christmas Cup is always run as a fully judged A race and so attracts a good number of visitors especially from the younger age groups. This in turn brings in parents and friends and provides a good crowd. The weather was ideal as it ended a string of unseasonably warm days. The winner of the main event, Luc Legon from Bexley AC, one of the top British walkers, unsurprisingly lapped the field with an impressive if relaxed performance. Surrey Walking Club’s first home was David Crane in 3rd after a slightly isolated race and little below his target but enough for a narrow win of the handicap. Easily the best performance came from Blackheath and Bromley’s Abi Smith with a half-minute personal best. Covid regulations deprived us of the usual hospitality and indoor comforts post-race butat least we can hold our regular events with some normality.

5km Men
1. L.Legon (Bex M) 23 min 19.0 sec; 2. C.Hopper (Camb H U17B) 25 min 40.3 sec; 3. D.Crane (Sy WC M40) 26 min 26.8 sec; 4. J.Arthur (Unatt M50) 33 min 34.5 sec; 5. D.Hoben (Sy WC M65) 37 min 21.1 sec; 6. C.Flint (Sy WC M75) 37 min 58.8 sec.

5km Women
1. M.Peddle (Loughton W50) 27 min 32.2 sec; 2. G.Manzotti (Ton W50) 27 min 52.0 sec; 3. A.Smith (B&B U20G) 27 min 53.6 sec; 4. L.Hall (Ashf W65) 35 min 27.0 sec; 5. J.Carder (B&H W50) 36 min 54 sec. 

2km Mixed
1. A.Chappell (Ashf U13G) 11 min 44.5 sec; 2. C.Perry (Lewes U13B) 12 min 8.2 sec.

3km Mixed
1. L.Burr (Ton U15B) 19 min 42.7 sec; 2. C.Stone (B&B U15B) 20 min 24.6 sec; 3. G.Legon (Bexley W60) 22 min 59.8 sec.

5km Christmas Cup SWC Handicap
(Actual/Net Times)
1. D.Crane 26 min 26.8 sec/ 23 min 26.8 sec; 2. C.Flint 37 min 58.8 sec/ 23 min 28.8 sec; D.Hoben 37 min 21.1 sec/ 23 min 31.1 sec.

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