Surrey Walking Club 7 Track 10km Championship 30th Oct 21
The annual VAC and Counties championships, incorporating the Surrey Walking Club 7, was held over 10km in good racing conditions on a picture-perfect October afternoon following the heavy rain of the morning. Dave Annetts from North Herts Road Runners had an excellent win and also won the Herts champs for the third time.
SWC had three entrants out of a field of 15 finishers spread across field in 2nd, 10th and 12th positions. David Crane was a little below his best as he concentrates on running these days but comfortably won the SWC Championship for the Mark Easton Abbottswod Cup. The handicap race was however much closer with Roger Michell winning in a net time of 52:24.4 followed by Chris Flint just 83 seconds later and David 10 seconds further behind.
The race included County Championships for Herts, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex. The Surrey Champions were Fiona Bishop and Chris Flint.

(14 starters). SWC Handicap in brackets.
1. D.Annetts (N Herts - Herts M55) 50 min 53.5 sec; 2(3). D.Crane (Sy WC Sussex M40) 55 min 36.9 sec; 3. G.Manzotti (Ton W45) 58 min 56.4 sec; 4. T.Jones (Steyn Sussex M60) 59 min 0.7 sec; 5. M.Peddle (Loughton W50) 59 min 18.4 sec; 6. R.Emsley (Steyn Sussex M65) 1 hr 2 min 54.8 sec; 7. M.Noel (Belg Middx W55) 1 hr 4 min 25.4 sec; 8. M.Culshaw (Ilf - Mddx M55) 1 hr 4 min 42 sec; 9. J.Arthur (Unatt M50) 1 hr 5 min 8.4 sec; 10(1). R.Michell (Sy WC M70) 1 hr 6 min 44.4 sec; 11. J.Borgars (Loughton Herts M75) 1 hr 8 min 47.8 sec; 12(2). C.Flint (Sy WC Surrey M75) 1 hr 19 min 6.7 sec; 13. F.Bishop (AFD Surrey W60) 1 hr 23 min 58.3 sec;

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