Beacon Beckons: Berkhamsted to Tring (linear) - Saturday, 10 August 2019 

Conductor: Bola Baruwa

Participants: Casilda, Gail, Gillian, John and Neil

Photos: Bola, Gail and John

Report:  Bola


The Ivinghoe Beacon beckoned & 6 strollers rose to the call.  We enjoyed a 21 miles walk in the Chilterns; woodlands, forests, hills mainly in and around the Ashridge estate.
The star attraction was Ashridge House. The great house was originally built as a monastery in the 13th century, now serves as an international business school.

We had morning break at Whipsnade Zoo cafe, (much to our disappointment, the coffee machine was out of order), followed by a 5 mins traipse around Tree Cathedral then to Red Lion pub in Dagnall for lunch. After a beautiful sunny, (not a cloud in sight) morning the weather turned quite eventful in the afternoon. The weather god sent us sun, rain, wind, (hailstones as Gail can attest).

After the steep climb to the Ivinghoe Beacon, we processed to Brownlow cafe,  Bridgewater monument NT for a well earned afternoon tea.  Not one to miss a trick, John gently reminded us of the subs as we all had our wallets out.

We arrived at Tring just in time for the 17.26 train to London. 


A wallaby watches us at Whipsnade Zoo.


Outside Ashridge House.

Approaching Ashridge House.

At the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral founded by Edmond

Blyth in the 1930s to commemorate his friends who

were killed in World War One.


A seat in the Easter Chapel.

Ascending Ivinghoe Beacon.

Yummy tea at the Brownlow Cafe at the Bridgewater